Self-portrait. Istanbul, Turkey, Janiary 2012

Hi everybody!

My name is Pavel Kosenko and I’m from Russia. I am a photographer, and my major interest is street photography. Travel is the main source of my inspiration, so I spend 4 to 6 months a year in journeys. I most often visit Southeast Asia, which I deeply love for its beautiful colors and friendly faces. I also practice photography in Russia, but not as often as I’d like to – I am planning to improve this situation in the nearest future.

Since 2007 I’ve had a Russian blog on photography and travel, in which I post my photos of different countries and selections of works by authors who interest me. Besides, I also write articles on photography in general, image editing, and many other topics. My blog is being read by 20,000 people daily.

I recently noticed that some of my posts written in English were viewed by many people outside Russia. According to a research done by Google Analytics, this post was viewed in February 2012 by half a million people, 70% of them being from the US.

This is how I got the idea of creating an English version of my blog – I believe that my works may be interesting to a broader audience. Unfortunately, I do not yet speak English fluently, so I asked some of my friends for support.

From now on I will use their help to translate my most interesting and highly rated materials from the past as well as my future works. At the end of each post I will give special thanks to the person who helped me translate it. I am sorry if I am not able to reply to all your comments individually, but I promise that I will carefully read everything, even if I’ll need to use Google Translate for this purpose :). And please feel free to correct my mistakes.

Pavel Kosenko

My thanks to Olga Lermontova for translating this post in English.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Павел, Ваш опыт и советы фотографам очень интересные и полезные. Однако они доступны только русскоговорящим (если так можно выразиться) читателям. Это сужает возможности Вашего присутствия в мире фотографии. У Вас очень интересный блог в Живом журнале, но опять-таки с ограниченной аудиторией. Тем не менее, спасибо за интересные и полезные советы. Кстати, есть у меня в контактах фотограф, который собирается в Якутию. Я ему отправил линк на Вашу статью о съемках в экстемальных Якутских условиях. Надеюсь, он с чьей-то помощью переведет и прочтет Ваши советы. Удачи Вам и успехов.

    • Спасибо на добром слове. Я постепенно стараюсь показывать свое творчество и англоговорящим зрителям тоже. Но я довольно плохо знаю язык, поэтому дело медленно идет.

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