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August 2012

My new website has launched

The previous version of my site, in place from December 2009 to June 2012 (for 2.5 years) has become seriously obsolete. Both its design and functionality have dated, just as, even more importantly – its content. The old website was some kind of a personal photobank with a lot of technical details on each photo (detailed EXIF data, GPS geo-tagging), providing a possibility to use advanced search criteria (for example by camera or lens type, ISO or aperture settings, or a combination of those), linking groups of photos to GPS tracks, and with a small online shop for selling the images (files, prints and dibond prints).

It used to be a good, handy and practical website for a travel photographer, but with the time passing, my artistic priorities have changed completely. As a result, the whole website had to be recreated, with all the things unnecessary, including some of the images, technical information, and the online shop features, removed. I needed the new site to serve as a portfolio, be very simple and aesthetically appealing, provide the possibility for comfortable viewing of the photos individually or in series, as well as having rich admin options for uploading the pictures, and working with the series (layout design, editing, sorting, etc.). And all that, of course, in two languages – Russian and English.

And now, thanks to Oleg Kotenko and Constantin Mashinskiy, the new website has launched! Seemingly, a website as simple as this, could have been built in a few days. But it took us several months to do that. To a large degree, it’s me to blame, since I needed time to digest the interim results after each phase of the process. For simplifying the things and polishing the details we have had a lot of discussions – we were sharing ideas, talking them over, putting them to life, killing our own ideas and generating new ones. And now I can confidently say that I really do like the results.

P.S. By the way, the website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, such as an iPhone and iPad.

I will be glad if you like my website and my photos!

My thanks to Karen Hovhannisian for translating this post in English.

Batumi, Georgia


This selection of photographs presents a resort town Batumi, which made a very positive impression on me.

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Tbilisi, Georgia


Today I would like to present a small set of my photographs from Tbilisi. I really liked Tbilisi because it is a very photogenic city, and people there are extremely kind. I do not judge this selection as a strong one, because there is not enough light and I did not have enough time to actually get inspired by the atmosphere. Let it be as it is, hopefully I will have the chance to complete it in the future.

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