The second post that I writing by myself is about music festival in Guca. Every year this village collects about 1 millon people who likes serbian and gypsy music and several hundred small orchestras (around 10 musician each). Basically from Serbia. A little bit from Kosovo, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia. Ordinary tourist from Europe or America is almost impossible to meet here. During a week going on 24 hours total madness – loud music, rivers of beer and a lot of dancing. Below you can find 10 of my pictures from this crazy event.











6 thoughts on “Guca

  1. Pavel: Thank you for these photos! You’re helping me, way over in Canada, to gain a broader view of the world. And I like your ‘street scene’ style of shooting. John Snelgrove

  2. Paul, you certain have caught the spirit of the occasion. I too, really enjoy seeing the pictures of a part of the world that I will never have the opportunity to see in person. Your color brings this event very much to life. Bravo on your English, it is great.

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