From my window

I really like the stereotypes of foreigners about Russia – the snow, bears crossing the streets and people in national costumes drink vodka straight from the bottle :) But you know … sometimes reality is almost like that! Of course, you can’t see bears in the streets – because bears live at least 10 thousand kilometers from Moscow. And no national clothing can be found except in museums – Russians prefer Gap, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and similar brands. And we also drink vodka sometimes, but more often Italian, French and Chilean dry wine (red, of course, from the decanter). But what one can not take away is the snowing! For example, a couple of days ago we had a monthly norm of snow falling in one single day. This is how it looked from the window of my house:

And two days later:

In general this is a very curious, but after traveling halfway around the world, I like more and more to shoot from the window of my flat on 7th floor. For example, here’s one more view two month ago:


8 thoughts on “From my window

  1. Pavel – thank you for this lovely missive. It is always delightful to receive what you send. The photos and your talk on photography which I received a few day ago were a delight. I too have taken photos of snow-covered leafless trees from my window – though I live a scant 48 miles north of NYC, and posted them in the RFF gallery. I much like your photos, thank you again. Hope the holidays are going nicely for you and the New Year brings you much happiness.

    Best Wishes,
    Shirley Creazzo

  2. Pavel, I like the three pictures from your window. It shows the evolution from Fall to a snowy day to people out and enjoying it a day alter the storm has passed. I also like your comments about stereotypes which exist because we don’t know or haven’t had the opportunity to travel and see for ourselves. Best wishes for the new year.

  3. Russia needs more national income from the rest of the world. Places that become vacation destinations usually do quite well because money from the outside comes in. Russia could be a vacation destination if 1) it were perceived as very safe, especially for foreigners, 2) it were quick and easy to get a Visa, 3) the cost of a Visa were reasonable (under $100), 4) upon arriving, there are no further requirements, like registering at a police station, 5) the world common language, English, were more prevalent and major signs had English subtitles, 6) a few more, but those are a good start. Having been to Russia 3 times since 1997, those were my main obstacles. Having been to China twice in the last 7 years, I found it much, much easier on all accounts, and I especially felt safer. Russia could quite easily mimic China’s success in this area. Both countries hold high interest to Americans, with Russia being first, yet China gets over ten times the foreign travel income because they make it easy to get a Visa and it is very safe. China has intelligent people migrating IN, while Russia has intelligent people migrating OUT. Russia could reverse that trend in a heart beat if they wanted to, and if they don’t, it will continue on its present downward spiral.

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