Some BOOKs and ARTicles news

Dear friends! I’ve got two good news for you:

1. In December 2014 we have finally completed a year and a half long work on the English version of my book “The Living Digit”! Due to various circumstances, this took us three times longer than was initially planned. My colleagues in the publishing house think that the translation is very good, and I have no reasons not to trust them on that. In a very short time you will have a chance to see it for yourself, and I’ll be very happy to have your feedback.

Currently the book goes through the process of final proof reading and editing by a native English speaker. I expect that the final version is ready within a month from now, and the book will be put on market. It is already clear that it will be published in an electronic form, and will be available in ePub and PDF formats. I’ll let you know more on how the book will be distributed in the coming weeks, as soon as it will come out.

2. The book aside, I always come up with new ideas, thoughts, experience, and, as a result of that – with new articles on photo shooting, processing, photo equipment, theory of photo and art. Many of those will likely be at the core of a new book, but even now they are quite popular with the Russian-speaking audience. My colleagues from Frameway got interested in translating those articles for placing them in this English-language blog of mine. I am obviously very happy about this initiative!

Thus, thanks to my friends and partners, few dozens of articles on photography, which are not a part of the book published, will be placed here in the course of the coming weeks. These would include both theoretical and purely practical materials, up to ready made Photoshop actions. Hope these will be of your interest.

We plan to start publishing some of them already next week.

Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Some BOOKs and ARTicles news

  1. Interesting, Pavel, to hear your plans and I look forward to seeing what you have produced.

    Shirley Creazzo in NY

  2. Great news! Looking forward to it. Please ignore my comment in another article asking when the English version will be available.

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