Mountain Half Marathon

Every time I’m going for a run, I don’t know when will start, wich way will choose and how many kilometers will overcome. My goal — to get pleasure from the process. The result is simply recorded as a fait accompli, but never do not aspire to it. At this time, I was drawn to the mountain because it is beautiful and nothing more. The result was a half marathon with a height difference of 1000 m. Below are a few photos from this run. All are made on Degradr via iPhone 6.









At the top of the ridge you can lean over and look at Croatia.




On the other hand Montenegro. Bottom left far Herceg Novi, where I first came back in the evening, and towards the end of jogging in the dark. My final results: 21,22 km, 2 hour 7 minutes, pace 6:00″/km. This is not fast, but very pleasure.


5 thoughts on “Mountain Half Marathon

    1. I enjoyed your half marathon photo tour as I always enjoy your photographic skill. It always gives an opportunity to gain a glimpse of parts or the world that I haven’t seen. Also like your selfie

  1. Thank you for the pictures once again. They are so beautiful, especially like the goats..

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