Kodachrome is coming back…

UPDATE. Please find new version of this project here:

Suddenly postcard was born. Just for fun and pleasure. Exactly this way all ideas are born in Degradr Team — for fun and pleasure.

We uploaded Degradr in App Store today. Waiting for around 7-8 days to be available for everybody.


5 thoughts on “Kodachrome is coming back…

  1. Hi Pavel: I will try it out as soon as it has been uploaded to he app store. Thank you =^..^= Mary

  2. Kodachrome the filmstock is not coming back, that’s what 98% of people who come to this page want to know. This is not Kodachrome. This is some HIPSTER BULLSHIT FILTER for you iPhone.

    1. Of course this is not Kodachrome. This is digital pictures made by photographers who well knows the Kodachrome and inspired of Kodachrome. It depends on the photographer how much picture will be similar to Kodachrome or not. Camera can help him, but can’t take a picture instead him.

      P.S. Please find new alpha version here: http://www.dehancer.com

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