15 thoughts on “Dehancer

  1. Hello Pavel,

    Excellent app, wonderful images. I’ve had Degradr a couple of days now. I will be taking most if not all of my iPhone photos with it. (Like that I can save the original jpeg,too.) Bought the lifetime higher resolution upgrade as well. No doubt, future iterations will be spectacular. I also left a review in the App Store.


  2. I would love to get the high res upgrade, but the screen keeps disappearing. Why do you need my email password or am I doing something wrong? Help! it’s a great app!

  3. I purchased the unlimited full-res, but the app says it expires a year from today.

    Also, the GPS location for photos is not working, which is annoying. Ruins info for imported photos too.

    Would be nice to be able to adjust the 1:1 crop area in develop (i.e. slide up/down)

    Also, once someone has purchased high-res, why does the Info overlay need to waste space telling us full and app resolution? They’re the same! Perhaps hide after upgrade?

  4. Great app, love the color rendition and tonality. Will I be able at some point to use it on my dslr photos?

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