Film Washi “X” 400

Film Washi “X” 400. Very strange film… but cool! I think that should be done metering of the shadows, because the picture is too dark and not very different from the substrate (which should not exist, but in fact it is gray). But if you set the levels in Photoshop, colors will develop. And grain, of course.

All photographs are taken in Paris on 14-15 November 2015.












5 thoughts on “Film Washi “X” 400

  1. Hello Павел,

    I hope you are very, very well and prospering….

    I am not responding to this post of yours. I will do that in your blog.

    I just wanted you to know that while you were in Paris, I was in Новокузне́цк, though I was there much longer than your stay in Paris.

    These two iPhone photos were taken, of course, through Degradr, as are all of my iPhone shots. They are not archival results. I think I produced more noise in the runway snap than any other photo I’ve ever taken. Even in the near darkness, the 24/7, acid brown sky is present… and felt. Still climbing, I looked back in the direction of Новокузне́цк and saw the low level weather system moving its way. Had to have a snap of it.

    My very best,



      1. Hello Pavel,

        I thought I included them with my email. Sometimes my Mac includes attachments in unexpected places. As I mentioned then, these are not “keepers”, just snapshots. I am putting them into another email without any text

        My best,


        PS I am still reading, LIFELIKE when I can get to it – still an excellent read!

  2. Hello Pavel,
    As far as I know, these are the first photos I’ve seen from this film. Interesting, in deed, and very nice captures. Appeals to my love of dark, shadows.

  3. Glad to see someone else is trying this film as well. I processed my roll in E6 and got some really good results (if albeit a bit of shadow detail loss) in dark or dusk situations, but found the tonal curve of the shots taken in daylight to be both flat and badly lacking in the shadows.

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