Implosion #2 Armenia

Film — ADOX Color Implosion
Camera — Olympus Mju:II
Armenia, March 2016
Developed and scanned by SREDA Film Lab

Without additional color correction, just plain scanning and black frame cropping.








9 thoughts on “Implosion #2 Armenia

  1. Actually do you think there are benefits to shooting film over digital? You had a section on film in your book but your conclusion was quite open!

    1. If you look at it rationally, the film has no advantages. But in fact the most of modern art projects shot on film. Theoretically, the film can be simulated from digital picture. But in fact more easy and quickly to shot on film directly. The main problem of digital photography is lack of aesthetics. I think Tarantino knowingly shoot his movies on film.

      1. Ah thanks for your opinion! Actually I think the log response of film with highlight roll off is better than most digital cameras. The Alexa camerais probably the one that can match the highlight response.

        But I find that the Colour response of film is hard to mimic with digital, plus scan films look different because of no Bayer filter and CMOS vs CCD Colour info. Thoughts? :)

  2. Hello Pavel,

    Seductive compositions, as always. I like watching them.

    The colors, though. I see them and I think, these are ancient colors. They survive and thrive until someone invites them to manifest themselves again. They listen to you… and ADOX.


    1. The best lab is my lab :) You can send us your rolls and we’ll develop and scan the same method like for me. But it’s not secret. I use Nikon 5000 scanner and Nikon Scan 4 app for old MacOS X on retro iMac.

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