How to See Color? Part 1. Video-course prepared by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko

Today we will talk you through the color and show you how your eyes may be deceiving you. This is the introductory part of the 3-hour long course: “How to See Color” created by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko.

Part 1. What is color?

00:00​ Introduction
00:16​ The concept of sound
01:15​ The definition of color
02:07​ Illusion 1. Blue lines
02:33​ Illusion 2. Black dots.
02:53​ Illusion 3. The Munker White’s.
03:35​ Illusion 4. Brightness of the b&w squares.
04:00​ Illusion 5. What is the color of the rubik’s cube?
04:35​ Illusion 6. How to see color on a b&w image
07:07​ Conclusions
07:45​ Criteria for working with color
08:02​ Afterword

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