How to See Color? | Part 2: Variability | Video-course by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko

Long-awaited continuation of Pavel Kosenko’s video-course is here! Today we’ll focus on variability and how it helps us “savour” colors. We’ll look at the 3 main components:


Watch the video to find out how the synergy of these variables can create a rich and sophisticated image.

Part 2. Variability?

00:00​ Introduction
00:50​ What is color variability?
01:53​ Color value
02:22​ HSB system
02:50​ Variability in brightness
03:46​ Objective and figurative thinking
04:36​ Why vignetting is beneficial for color
04:52​ Variability in saturation
05:54​ Variability in hues
06:54​ Synergy of all variables
07:12​ Example #1: Where is color more interesting?
07:58​ Example #2: Different types of color expressiveness
08:29​ Variability and HSB
08:53​ Theoretical model of color gamut
10:08​ Practical model of color gamut
11:20​ Observation #1: Extreme color saturation
12:01​ Observation #2: Lightening/darkening of color
12:35​ Observation #3: Increase in saturation
12:50​ More mud – more fuse
13:13​ An example of increased variability
14:11​ Afterword


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