Pavel Kosenko

Colourist photographer. Devoted colour explorer and an author of numerous articles on photography and image processing. An author of “LIFELIKE: A Book on Color in Digital Photography” book (published by Treemedia in 2013, translated on english in 2015). An author and co-developer of Dehancer App, smart live-view camera with auto color correction for iOS. A co-founder of the photoschool and creative laboratory SREDA in Moscow and international photo travellers club Frameway. An organizer and participant of a number of photo tours across Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other regions. An author of a very popular Russian blog on photography and travel.

Born in 1974 in a small Russian town Protvino, graduated from Moscow College of Improvising Music as a musician in a jazz ensemble. In 2006 he stopped his activities as a musician and wholly devoted himself to photography. Live in Moscow most of the time.