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Superposition. Part 1

It’s not classic multi exposure. Photographers usually combine two frames without rewinding the film. That is a photographer in general knows which frames overlap and builds appropriately frame. I have the same frames are aligned randomly. That is in the process of shooting, I have no idea about doubles the frame overlay and what happens. There is something magical.

Alchemy is simple – I’m shooting a film twice, for example, first in one country and then another. In this shoot many films, and then run your hand into the bag, choose the first available and charge film again.

I have a text about why I do it, but until now did not want to go into details. While this is just an experiment, its interesting to me as a surprise, accidentally mixing immiscible, the visuals and the very process of witchcraft.

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Winter Svaneti

Svaneti, Georgia

Let me share with you 15 photos I took in Svaneti (Georgia) a couple weeks ago.

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Winter Svaneti with Pavel Kosenko and Ivan Dementievskiy

About the workshop

Svaneti is said to be the Olympus of Georgia, the home of Svans, place full of sunshine, songs and poetry, the motherland of brave, hard working, happy, hospitable and die hard highlanders. We will have a chance to see it all with our own eyes. To see it from the inside, not like tourists. To meet people, become their friends, touch the ages old traditions. To take photos, discuss them, and publish a joint exclusive photo-book “Winter in Svaneti” with the selection of the best photographies taken by the participants.

This trip is at the same time a travel experience, an adventure, a way to meet soul-mates, a practical master-class in genre photography and a joint work on an art project.

Detail information:

Pirosmani, Mimino and other associations

Let me share with you 20 photos I took in Georgia this month.

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Batumi, Georgia


This selection of photographs presents a resort town Batumi, which made a very positive impression on me.

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Tbilisi, Georgia


Today I would like to present a small set of my photographs from Tbilisi. I really liked Tbilisi because it is a very photogenic city, and people there are extremely kind. I do not judge this selection as a strong one, because there is not enough light and I did not have enough time to actually get inspired by the atmosphere. Let it be as it is, hopefully I will have the chance to complete it in the future.

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