Halation effect: What is it and why is it important for the film emulation?

In this video we’ll talk about the film halation effect and explain what it is and why it’s so important to use when imitating a film image.

At the end of the video, we will demonstrate how this can be done using Dehancer plugin, but we believe that information about its nature will be useful to every photographer or videographer, not just for those interested in film emulation, for a couple of reasons:

•Halation is much more complex and doesn’t only appear around the light sources.
•Halation can make skin tones more attractive and natural.

Keep watching to learn everything about the halation effect from A to Z, and how it works in Dehancer.


New film profiles in Dehancer

Some examples with new film profiles added in Dehancer this month.

If you are going to use Dehancer free alpha-version, please note you need to have Mac starting from middle 2012 and MacOS Mojave. Please note also you’ll can’t to use “hackintosh” devices because Dehancer use Apple’s hardware. Please upgrade you Macs and wait for release. Soon!

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Dehancer soon

For a long time I did not publish news about the Dehancer project. However, the work did not stop all this time. The concept of the project has completely changed in the last 3 years. Now it’s based on the film profiles of the new generation.

We use more than 30 years of filming experience, self-made film 3D Lut-profiles created in our own film laboratory with b/w & color darkroom, nonlinear mathematics of a new type, intellectual image analysis/corrections algorithms and alchemy of course.

Right now we are finishing pre-alpha version of Dehancer Desktop application for MacOS. It will be free to use, at least alpha and beta versions, although most likely the next versions too. We’re going to include in first version 8 or more film profiles. In the near future, their number will be at least 50.

Let me share with you some of examples of using Dehancer profiles.

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This book is a photo album I issued in limited print as a present to my former classmates for our 25th high school reunion. All photographs in the book were made by a teenage me in 1985-1991.

At that time, I’d mainly take pictures both in class and during recessions. There are shots from political awareness lessons, from the school disco, from a Labor Day parade and an all-school camping trip. There are quite a few portraits, of schoolboys, and, exceedingly, of schoolgirls, who, as it turns out, loved the camera. There are images of the school yard, the drama club in action, and an odd PE class. In other words, the book is a snapshot of everyday life of a typical Soviet school in the end of the 1980s.

I didn’t plan the book to become a “thing”; again, it conceived as a present for my former classmates. It is nothing more than an album with photographs, not unlike your ordinary family album, whose audience is, by definition, limited. What I have discovered over the last few weeks, however, is that a lot of people would be curious about the album anyway, and would often ask me to let them take a look.

These would be people with no connection to my classmates or my school life whatsoever, but they were still very interested in browsing though the pictures of the days gone by. In them, those born and raised in the USSR find parallels with their own childhood, and those born and raised elsewhere discover what life was like behind the iron curtain. Thus, this blog post was born.

Who knows, maybe you, too, will share the curiosity and wish to browse the images of the past that I’m sharing with the world today.

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(in progress) by Lera Kardash

Dear readers of my blog!

I’m asking you for a little favor. My “SREDA Creative Lab” now helping the photographer Lera Kardash to work on her first book. The project has no name yet, but there is an idea, material, and statement. The topic is quite delicate, and before continuing working on it, the author is interested in the reaction of a wider audience. This will help her to figure out how to introduce the material. Please, see the photos and write what you feel when you look at them.

Here’s what Lera says about her project:

In my country, people with disabilities belong to a vulnerable segment of the society. It is often not talked about, and, sometimes, even meant to be hidden. In some ways, a pattern thinking society hardly perceives those who differs. When a straight pattern faces a multifaceted reality, it breaks down leaving people in bewilderment.

On the one hand, this project is personal and appeals to those who have met me and know me, on the other hand, this project can appeal to anyone who, for whatever reason, is curious to get a first-hand view.

It is an attempt to establish links between me and the society so as to reduce the gap between the awkwardness that people experience when they learn about the leg and the way I really feel in my body. It is going be shown through shape exploration and lightness of perception.

Preparatory set of pictures for this project:

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