This book is a photo album I issued in limited print as a present to my former classmates for our 25th high school reunion. All photographs in the book were made by a teenage me in 1985-1991.

At that time, I’d mainly take pictures both in class and during recessions. There are shots from political awareness lessons, from the school disco, from a Labor Day parade and an all-school camping trip. There are quite a few portraits, of schoolboys, and, exceedingly, of schoolgirls, who, as it turns out, loved the camera. There are images of the school yard, the drama club in action, and an odd PE class. In other words, the book is a snapshot of everyday life of a typical Soviet school in the end of the 1980s.

I didn’t plan the book to become a “thing”; again, it conceived as a present for my former classmates. It is nothing more than an album with photographs, not unlike your ordinary family album, whose audience is, by definition, limited. What I have discovered over the last few weeks, however, is that a lot of people would be curious about the album anyway, and would often ask me to let them take a look.

These would be people with no connection to my classmates or my school life whatsoever, but they were still very interested in browsing though the pictures of the days gone by. In them, those born and raised in the USSR find parallels with their own childhood, and those born and raised elsewhere discover what life was like behind the iron curtain. Thus, this blog post was born.

Who knows, maybe you, too, will share the curiosity and wish to browse the images of the past that I’m sharing with the world today.

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Непрояв. / Undev.

The short video about my new photobook.

Непрояв. / Undev.
© Pavel Kosenko

Photographs taken in 1984–1989
Films developed in 1984–2015
Films scanned in 2014–2015
Supervised by SREDA Creative Lab
Printed by Nemakulatura
Moscow, 2016

Emulsion stores its memory in latent images. Time passes, and the information sits there, qiuetly, in the film’s “subconscious”, without revealing itself. In some cases, it would sit there for years on end, so that even the person who once made sure the memory is preserved has no recollection of having done that. As fate should have it, these non-existent images can either see the light of day, or never be born at all.

Dehancer: Free download

A fully developed app is still a few months away, but the algorithm is ready, and we’d love to test-run it on as many pictures as possible. An obvious solution: make the technical, “alpha” version of Dehancer (formerly known as Degradr) available free of charge to everybody who wants to try a new image processing tool. The word “technical” in this context means that the app doesn’t have any interface just yet. That’s not entirely true, of course, there is SOME interface, but it’s more of a command line nature, to be honest. So why are we letting the app out so early? The answer is easy. We need to test-run our data processing algorithm and get some reviews. 

Like its predecessor, Dehancer is best described by the immortal words of the founder of Kodak:

“You press the button – we do the rest”.
(C) George Eastman, 1888

Quite unlike its predecessor, however, Dehancer will come equipped with a Push/Pull tool, a photographer’s favourite plaything (other than composition, of course). If you are an average user, think of it as the Dark/Light toggle button. If you are a connoisseur of film photography, you will find a lot of pleasant similarities to and differences from an old time digital favourite, Exposure (commonly found in image processing software across the board).

Dehancer Alpha allows you to open files in JPG and save the resulting image at about 1000 px on the wide side. 

Click HERE to download DehancerX EAP Demo 0.2.40 for Mac OS

Technical requirements

OSX El Capitan or later
Mac models list:

– MacBook (Early 2015) 
– MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 or newer) 
– MacBook Air (Mid 2012 or newer) 
– Mac mini (Late 2012 or newer) 
– IMac (Late 2012 or newer) 
– Mac Pro (Late 2013 and newer)

We would be very grateful if you could share the results of Dehancer photo processing in the comments to this post or by e-mail. Please, send your comments and suggestions to this address mail@degradr.photo

Copyright © Dehancer Team, 2015-2016 
All Rights Reserved.

PS. Please, do not comment on the interface. As I have already mentioned, we haven’t started working on it yet. Launching Dehancer for iPhone is our primary task at the moment, MacOS interface development comes right after that. Again: right now, it’s all about test-running the algorithm.

PS2. Anticipating questions about other operating systems… In the foreseeable future we have no plans of releasing Dehancer versions for Android, Windows, or other platforms. Dehancer will be available for iOS and Mac OS only (for the time being).