Непрояв. / Undev.

The short video about my new photobook.

Непрояв. / Undev.
© Pavel Kosenko

Photographs taken in 1984–1989
Films developed in 1984–2015
Films scanned in 2014–2015
Supervised by SREDA Creative Lab
Printed by Nemakulatura
Moscow, 2016

Emulsion stores its memory in latent images. Time passes, and the information sits there, qiuetly, in the film’s “subconscious”, without revealing itself. In some cases, it would sit there for years on end, so that even the person who once made sure the memory is preserved has no recollection of having done that. As fate should have it, these non-existent images can either see the light of day, or never be born at all.


In progress…

I’ve been working on this series for three years now, and finally the third photo appeared! Three photos for three years, this is a good result :) Of course, this is not the only series I’m working on, but one of the my favorites. I like it so tenderly that didn’t even come up with its name yet.

Hanoi, Vietnam, 2012

El Rocio, Spain, 2013

Calcutta, India, 2014

Constantin Korovin

Yesterday I have visited an exhibition of a leading Russian impressionist painter, Constantin Korovin, which now takes place at Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. I must say I was very impressed. The only part that was not so interesting to me was the one showing his theatrical activities. Nevertheless, this part impressed me by its legerity and accuracy. Without a doubt, this man was a very hard-working person. And there’s no need to comment about his talent, or I should even say genius.

The rest of the exhibitions left me with a lasting impression, despite the fact that I have previously seen his art works in Tretyakov Gallery, and some of the reproductions in printed version and also through Internet. However, reproductions are one thing, and real art pieces – is a completely different! This exhibition presents over 200 art pieces, which come from 20 different museums. Some of them are from private collections. The last time there was such an exhibition of Korovin was 90 years ago. I wonder when would be another opportunity to see all these pieces gathered in one place again. This exhibition is opened until August 2012. If you are interested in painting and are planning a trip to Russia, I would strongly recommend that you visit this extremely beautiful exhibition.

Inspired by my impressions after the visit, I decided to compose a set of reproductions of his paintings, which touched me particularly. I still remember how they look in real life, so that helps me a lot to select the reproductions which are the best in terms of color and contrast. Of course, I can’t be sure that they are 100% as real pieces, however, the following reproductions are very similar to the originals.

On a terrace – 1915

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