Cuba on my iPhone

A few pictures from Cuba that were shot last week on iPhone wih Degradr App. After receiving scans from Film lab, I can show the main photos from this trip.

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Submission Successful

Well, here goes! A couple of days back we submitted Degradr to the App Store, having fulfilled our promise to do so by the end of May. Now the plan is to sit back, relax and wait for the app to be reviewed. After the review has gone through, Degradr will finally be available for download. Normally, the process takes 3 to 15 days; a week on average.

Cool stats:

  • it took us 4.5 months to create the first official Degradr release (preliminary research notwithstanding);
  • there were 181 beta versions of the app. Degradr 1.0 is, in fact, Degradr 182.

So now we wait. We will officially announce the launch of Degradr as soon as we hear back from Apple reviewers. Follow us on WordPress, Google+ or Facebook to be the first to download the app!


It was my third trip to Japan during last 12 monthes. I came at the invitation of FOX International Channels and National Geographic TV with master-class on street photography. The most interesting was I and my students used mainly on compact cameras like Fujifilm XT-1 and iPhones only. Group photo album will be published soon as a result of this workshop, but now I want to share with you 18 my pictures. All of them were taken on the iPhone 6. With Degradr App it’s my favorite camera the last time :)

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