Tbilisi, Georgia


Today I would like to present a small set of my photographs from Tbilisi. I really liked Tbilisi because it is a very photogenic city, and people there are extremely kind. I do not judge this selection as a strong one, because there is not enough light and I did not have enough time to actually get inspired by the atmosphere. Let it be as it is, hopefully I will have the chance to complete it in the future.

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Sri Lanka

Couple of months ago I came back from a trip to Sri Lanka. Not likely there is a chance to experience a new country from just a first two week visit. Nevertheless I was quite inspired with Sri Lanka! With its people, architecture and even the everyday street life. It was a sort of recon operation for me and the photos appeared to be more like scetches. Anyway I still like some of them and wish to show these few to you.


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Film and digital prints during the last 8 years

A little more than a year ago I posted a note in my russian blog entitled “Film and digital prints during the last seven years” (link to article in russian). That post was in response to the questions that I get frequently asked, questions like “I wonder if anybody is really using film anymore, other than a few rare enthusiasts?”. Today I can update the statistics with another year, 2011.

Background data

All the statistical data below is collected by an automated order processing system at the network of photo centres “Fotoproekt” (www.fotoproekt.ru, link to site in english).

  • “Fotoproekt” has been working in the retail business since February 10, 2004.
  • As of today, it incorporates a print centre, eight customer service outlets and a photography education centre.
  • It currently serves more than 165,000 clients.
  • Most of the clients are in Moscow (Russia) and the surrounding area.
  • A small fraction of the orders comes from the other regions of Russia (mail orders).

Obviously, the sample is not completely representative, since it cannot account for all the variables of the market as a whole. However, the data still presents a certain interest.

The chart below shows a ratio of film and digital print orders for the last eight years, 2004 to 2011. The data is calculated based on the cumulative surface area of all of the prints (in square meters).

The share of film as a photography medium has, undoubtedly, significantly reduced during this time. This trend continues, though it is not as strong during the last few years. However, let’s have a look at the absolute numbers, i.e. number of developed film rolls:

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A photoset by David Alan Harvey

Let me show you a set of works by a wonderful American photographer David Alan Harvey. If you’re in love with beautiful color and work on revealing it in you own photographs, you should by all means see this set! Getting as many visual experiences as possible is the great staple for any present-day photographer. No need to mention that David’s photography presents much more artistic value than just plain color solutions.


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Instagram pics

The word “Instagram” is now familiar to many. Official data says that as of February 12, 2012, this program was used by 27 million people. I have discovered the application more than a year ago, when it had “only” 6 million users :)

I wouldn’t claim to be a big fan of Instagram, even if, originally, I liked a lot taking photos with its use. Then I got over it, and for some time, did not take any pictures with the mobile phone at all. But still, every time now and then, especially when traveling, I take out my iPhone, and open up Instagram. And that, despite the fact that at least two cameras – Canon 1Ds Mark III and Canon 5D Mark II with top L-optics are hanging down from my neck at all times. Friends are laughing, when they see me geared like that, and with an iPhone in my hands.

Many like Instagram for the good retro-color, but in fact it’s not a big deal for me to get that color with post-processing techniques. This is not to say that the colors in Instagram are not good. Just that for me personally, the most valuable part is the somewhat non-serious attitude towards the pictures you take on iPhone. And, of course, the ability to process it fast and well, so that they’re ready to be shown to your friends almost instantly. I do often use iPhone as a sketchbook, for taking pictures “on the run”. They often come up fresh and lively. I like to use Instagram for practicing the “photographic intuition”.

Not aspiring for them to be considered highly artistic, let me still share with you a selection of the favorite instagram-photos, taken by me in different parts of the world during the past year.


Turkey, Istanbul

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4×5 Kodachromes

My Russian blog started to be visited by many English speaking readers after I posted the following post. I thought it would be great to give this post a special place in my new English blog, and let it be one of the first publications.


I regularly visit the www.shorpy.com in order to get inspired by the colors of Kodachrome photo film. This website is quite famous and contains a lot of archived photographs, I am sure many of you already know it. My wish was to make a personal selection of photographs I particularly like, in good quality. I hope that you will appreciate them as well. All the pictures have been taken during 1940-1943. Now just look at them and get inspired.

1. “Where’s Adolf?”

May 1942. Langley Field, Virginia. YB-17 bombardment squadron. “Hitler would like this man to go home and forget about the war. A good American non-com at the side machine gun of a huge YB-17 bomber is a man who knows his business and works hard at it.” 4×5 Kodachrome transparency by Alfred Palmer.

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Today let me share photos taken in Vietnam, a country I truly love to return to. I’ve been to Vietnam eight times already and would love to come again, since newer photos always sound more interesting. Maybe one day this set will sound boring to me too, but not now. Here is the set mostly from my last visit in November–December 2011. I did’t have any concept in my mind. These are just shots to show the beauty of this interesting country.

Vietnam. Photo by Pavel Kosenko

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