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Film Washi “X” 400

Film Washi “X” 400. Very strange film… but cool! I think that should be done metering of the shadows, because the picture is too dark and not very different from the substrate (which should not exist, but in fact it is gray). But if you set the levels in Photoshop, colors will develop. And grain, of course.

All photographs are taken in Paris on 14-15 November 2015.

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Ilford HP5 400 (EI 1600)

Black-and-White film “Ilford HP5 400”, expired as ISO 1600 in November 2015 in Paris. Self-developed in D-76 with +2 push.

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Kodak Gold 200

A few pictures from old French Kodak Gold 199x of years, produced in non-existent in our time factory near Paris. Paris, November 2015.

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Armenia on my iPhone

If someone told me 5 years ago that a mobile phone can deliver pictures like that, and with no post-processing applied, I would have never believed it. Just press the button, and get the result. All the pictures below are taken on iPhone 6 with Degradr. Armenia, July 2015.

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Bottom of the Aral Sea

The bottom of the sapless Aral Sea.
You can see ex-shore in the top left of the background.
Uzbekistan, November 2007.

“LIFELIKE: A Book on Color in Digital Photography”


It was my third trip to Japan during last 12 monthes. I came at the invitation of FOX International Channels and National Geographic TV with master-class on street photography. The most interesting was I and my students used mainly on compact cameras like Fujifilm XT-1 and iPhones only. Group photo album will be published soon as a result of this workshop, but now I want to share with you 18 my pictures. All of them were taken on the iPhone 6. With Degradr App it’s my favorite camera the last time :)

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Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, April 2015. The picture was took on Degradr App with iPhone 6 without additional image processing.

White Balance

“White Balance” serie
Malozemelskaya & Bolshezemelskaya Tundra
Nenets Autonomous District, Russia
(c) Pavel Kosenko, 2013-2015








Dalniye Zelentsy

A semi-deserted locality in Murmansk Oblast on the shores of the Barents Sea. Now there is not even a road leading to it, while some 30–40 years back it used to host the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute. I’ve been there in 2009, with a car from Moscow. It took me 2 days for the first 2000 km, and 6 more hours on an off-roader across tundra for the last 30 km. Now, 5 years past, I recalled that trip in relation to the new Russian Oscar–nominated movie “Leviathan” that was shot on location in those exact places.

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A second before. Triptych

Saint Sebastian, Spain, 2012

Madrid, Spain, 2012

Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

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