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Implosion #1, Russia

Some new pictures from my lovely film ADOX Color Implosion. Camera — Olympus XA2. All photos were taken in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Ryazan, Russia. May 2016.

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Winter Sevan Lake, Armenia

OSCAR film K160T

Let me share with you a few pictures from winter Sevan Lake, Armenia. Here are scans from 3 different movie hand-roled (from Kodak Vision) films. I’ve signed their names under each picture.

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Implosion #2 Armenia

Film — ADOX Color Implosion
Camera — Olympus Mju:II
Armenia, March 2016
Developed and scanned by SREDA Film Lab

Without additional color correction, just plain scanning and black frame cropping.

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Cuba / Oscar film F64T

Film — OSCAR film F64T
Camera — Olympus XA2
Cuba, Jan 2016
Developed & scanned by SREDA Film Lab

Cayo Largo, Trinidad and Cienfuegos from 3 rolls.

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Cuba / OSCAR film K25T LE

Film — OSCAR film K25T LE
Camera — Olympus XA2
Cuba, Jan 2016
Developed & scanned by SREDA Film Lab
Postprocess in Dehancer

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Cuba / OSCAR film K32T LE

Film — OSCAR film K25T Limited Edition
Camera — Olympus XA2
Cuba, Jan 2016
Developed and scanned by SREDA Film Lab

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Cuba on my iPhone

A few pictures from Cuba that were shot last week on iPhone wih Degradr App. After receiving scans from Film lab, I can show the main photos from this trip.

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From my window

I really like the stereotypes of foreigners about Russia – the snow, bears crossing the streets and people in national costumes drink vodka straight from the bottle :) But you know … sometimes reality is almost like that! Of course, you can’t see bears in the streets – because bears live at least 10 thousand kilometers from Moscow. And no national clothing can be found except in museums – Russians prefer Gap, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and similar brands. And we also drink vodka sometimes, but more often Italian, French and Chilean dry wine (red, of course, from the decanter). But what one can not take away is the snowing! For example, a couple of days ago we had a monthly norm of snow falling in one single day. This is how it looked from the window of my house:

And two days later:

In general this is a very curious, but after traveling halfway around the world, I like more and more to shoot from the window of my flat on 7th floor. For example, here’s one more view two month ago:

Winter Svaneti

Svaneti, Georgia

Let me share with you 15 photos I took in Svaneti (Georgia) a couple weeks ago.

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