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27 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Дорогой Друг and Spasebo! Enjoying your “Great Patriotic War” Kodachrome slides

    Vee Ochen Dabui,

    ( I have no cyrillic keyboard)

    1. Nice photo’s really liked them, One question isn’t Tiblisi the place where a Russian number one suki syn Josif Visinarovich Dzugvashlili was born ( I don’t think I spelled his name right)
      kk Horvath

  2. These photos are staged, that answered the comment about lack of safety equipment, it was America’s version of propaganda; the originals were B&W, not Kodachrome. They were colorized by someone else. Go the photographer’s website and see for yourself. Try Googling him.

  3. A wonderful presentation WWII Home Front photographs. These images and more can be found on the U.S. Library of Congress website ( ) where high resolutions downloads of the images are available. This is the original source for the photos presented. There is a similar black and white collection of about 17,000 images online, though most of these are only at web resolution.

  4. Thanks For Bringing The WW-2 Generation To Life To People Who Don’t Realize That These Folks Saw Things In Color Like We Do, Not Black And White “Great Great Job”

  5. Thank you for bringing these sharp images back to us here in the USA. During those cold war years I was Chief photographer for the newspaper the Stars and Stripes from 1951 to 1986 living in Germany. I met many Russians who were also in the Intenational Ski Club with me. In 1977 Russia sponsored our meetng in Georgia and it was my first time in Russia and I could write a book about the visit..I also have a website – You can see what I was doing during those years while living in Germany. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Red Grandy

  6. Hello Pavel.
    Yes, a great collection of photos and I started with Kodachrome ASA 10, in my first 35mm camera, at the age of 15.
    But, when I was 15, kids using 35mm cameras was fairly rare.

    I just wanted to give you feedback on the English version of your blog.
    The light white text against the black background is difficult to read.
    Could you use black text against white, like you did on your Russian page? Just a suggestion.

    I browsed about a third of your albums and they are really great. People, landscapes, some pets.

    I like to do action photography; children playing at their sports, martial arts (Judo, Karate, and Jiujitsu), plus candid children’s portraits, wildlife, and landscapes. I have also done parties and events.

    I use the Nikon D300 and the Nikkor 105mm macro, the Sigma 18-50, the Nikkor 70-200, the Nikkor 35mm, and the Sigma 150-500, Nikon SB-800 and SB-600 flashes, and numerous accessories.

    My web site “Portfolio” shows the types of pictures I like to do.

    Enjoyed talking to you.

    Michael Miller

  7. A friend forwarded your information and the wonderful pictures you resurrected. Kodachrome, yes!! Thank you.

  8. I have loaded the plug for Lightroom 4.x but I am not sure where it is supposed to show up. I looked where the other plugins are such as NIK but cannot find yours. Please advise and thanks.

  9. zdrav stuj Pavle,
    Noticed others comenting on your great patriotic war, I have lived through it in another country, but what went on in the sojuz was nothing but Stalins killing fields. My deseased wife was from Vitebskja oblast I was born in Czechia

  10. Hello Pavel! I really like your photographic work and appreciate your efforts to share your special knowledge with the interested crowd.
    Please let us know: when do you publish the english version of “The living digit” ? (i really yearn for it)


  11. Thank you for your immediate response! (спасибо)
    Where can I order the book? (где я могу заказать книгу) ??

  12. i found this site “by accident” or maybe the Universe led me to it. My mother worked in a Civil Defense plant in Long Beach CA during WW II, inspecting aircraft engines. (Sometimes she and others found emery dust in the cylinders: sabotage by anti-Americans). I always wished I could imagine what it was like but there was no picture in my mind. Mother has been deceased for many years now. I’m almost 68 years old. When I saw the photo of the woman inspecting aircraft engines in Long Beach, I knew she must be one of my mother’s co-workers!! That photo showed exactly what my mother did, all those years ago! Thank you so much for posting it.

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