Halation effect: What is it and why is it important for the film emulation?

In this video we’ll talk about the film halation effect and explain what it is and why it’s so important to use when imitating a film image.

At the end of the video, we will demonstrate how this can be done using Dehancer plugin, but we believe that information about its nature will be useful to every photographer or videographer, not just for those interested in film emulation, for a couple of reasons:

•Halation is much more complex and doesn’t only appear around the light sources.
•Halation can make skin tones more attractive and natural.

Keep watching to learn everything about the halation effect from A to Z, and how it works in Dehancer.


How to See Color? | Part 3: Color Harmony | Video-course by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko

Color wheel is one of the most popular concepts when it comes to color harmony. It is believed that, on this wheel, colors are located in a special way. And if they balance each other out and add up to a neutral color, then they are harmonious.

That’s fake news.

In this video we’re debunking the color wheel myth, and share the tips and tricks to actually harmonise colors. Take notes.

How to See Color? | Part 2: Variability | Video-course by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko

Long-awaited continuation of Pavel Kosenko’s video-course is here! Today we’ll focus on variability and how it helps us “savour” colors. We’ll look at the 3 main components:


Watch the video to find out how the synergy of these variables can create a rich and sophisticated image.

Part 2. Variability?

00:00​ Introduction
00:50​ What is color variability?
01:53​ Color value
02:22​ HSB system
02:50​ Variability in brightness
03:46​ Objective and figurative thinking
04:36​ Why vignetting is beneficial for color
04:52​ Variability in saturation
05:54​ Variability in hues
06:54​ Synergy of all variables
07:12​ Example #1: Where is color more interesting?
07:58​ Example #2: Different types of color expressiveness
08:29​ Variability and HSB
08:53​ Theoretical model of color gamut
10:08​ Practical model of color gamut
11:20​ Observation #1: Extreme color saturation
12:01​ Observation #2: Lightening/darkening of color
12:35​ Observation #3: Increase in saturation
12:50​ More mud – more fuse
13:13​ An example of increased variability
14:11​ Afterword

How to See Color? Part 1. Video-course prepared by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko

Today we will talk you through the color and show you how your eyes may be deceiving you. This is the introductory part of the 3-hour long course: “How to See Color” created by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko.

Part 1. What is color?

00:00​ Introduction
00:16​ The concept of sound
01:15​ The definition of color
02:07​ Illusion 1. Blue lines
02:33​ Illusion 2. Black dots.
02:53​ Illusion 3. The Munker White’s.
03:35​ Illusion 4. Brightness of the b&w squares.
04:00​ Illusion 5. What is the color of the rubik’s cube?
04:35​ Illusion 6. How to see color on a b&w image
07:07​ Conclusions
07:45​ Criteria for working with color
08:02​ Afterword

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Dehancer CMY Color Head – analogue correction for digital images

My video tutorial with examples of using. English language.

Color head and printer light are instruments of analogue color correction.
Example of using Dehancer Pro OFX plugin for DaVinci Resolve.

Dehancer is the OFX plugin suite for film-like color grading in DaVinci Resolve. Dozens of real photographic and motion picture films, precisely captured and packed in simple to use plugins with truly analogue controls simulating real film behaviour and effects.

Based on 30-years of film shooting and darkroom experience combined with scientific approach, nonlinear image processing, and… a bit of alchemy, of course.

Dehancer Tools:

* Input Camera Profiles
* Film Profiles
* Expand
* Film Grain
* Halation
* Bloom
* Defringe
* Print Options
* Color Dencity
* Analogue Range Limiter
* CMY Color Head
* Vignette
* LUT Generator
* False Color
* ACES support

Download Dehancer Pro OFX plugins:

Articles about Dehancer plugins in english: