Some industrial pictures from Moscow. Took with iPhone and Degradr only.

The best of #degradr in Instagram and Flickr

Degradr is now on Flickr and Instagram! Every day, we publish the best pictures shot by Degradr. If you want your photograph to be featured in one of the selections, use the #degradr tag on your Instagram account. And don’t forget to take a look at today’s featured images: they are really something! What a fantastic demonstration of a great creative tool in use!

The best #degradr photos, 9-15 June 2015

The best photos of Degradr users.
9-15 June 2015
From Instagram on tag #degradr
Degradr editors choice



Degradr — NOW on the App Store!

Give it up for… Degradr!
Please, give a warm welcome to the world’s first smart camera with a LiveView automatic color correction.

“You press the button – we do the rest”
© George Eastman, founder of KODAK, 1888

Degradr is a smart iPhone camera that “degrades” digital images to make them look as if they have been shot on film. It subtly distorts and softens the original to achieve better harmony, variation and expression of color.

The shutter is the only button you will need to press in Degradr. Since the images are analyzed and processed automatically in the Liveew shooting mode, you can see the result right away, and no additional processing is needed.

Inspiration for Degradr came from a combination of sources: our own personal photographic experiences, the work of one Robert Hunt, who spent 34 years of his life as the head of KODAK research, and a little bit of alchemy, of course.

As of today, Degradr is available on the App Store:

Download Degradr

LIMITED TIME OFFER: press one of the repost buttons and get an instant boost of your photographic karma!

P.S. 1000 downloads and counting – time to make the next move :) We now kindly ask you to support @degradrapp at ProductHunt. All you need to do is to log into your Twitter account and vote for us here:
Thank you – and do spread the word! Reposts are highly appreciated ))

A set of photographs by Laura Letinsky

Today I’m going to show you a small selection from the works of a contemporary Canadian photographer, Laura Letinsky. Letinsky is best known for her poignant still lifes. Her photographs are narratives of ageing and loss; her subjects basking in the characteristic soft light and subtle tonal transitions. She prefers shooting on film and mostly uses a large format Kardan camera.


Submission Successful

Well, here goes! A couple of days back we submitted Degradr to the App Store, having fulfilled our promise to do so by the end of May. Now the plan is to sit back, relax and wait for the app to be reviewed. After the review has gone through, Degradr will finally be available for download. Normally, the process takes 3 to 15 days; a week on average.

Cool stats:

  • it took us 4.5 months to create the first official Degradr release (preliminary research notwithstanding);
  • there were 181 beta versions of the app. Degradr 1.0 is, in fact, Degradr 182.

So now we wait. We will officially announce the launch of Degradr as soon as we hear back from Apple reviewers. Follow us on WordPress, Google+ or Facebook to be the first to download the app!

A set of photographs by Bernand Plossu

Let me share with you a set of photos by french photographer Bernand Plossu.



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