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ADOX Color Implosion in Cuba

Film — ADOX Color Implosion 100
Camera — Olympus XA2
Cuba, Jan 2016

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Cuba / Oscar film K25D

Let me share with you some pictures from “Oscar film K25D”. This roll I took two weeks ago on my Olympus XA2 camera on Cuba.

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Cuba on my iPhone

A few pictures from Cuba that were shot last week on iPhone wih Degradr App. After receiving scans from Film lab, I can show the main photos from this trip.

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Fujicolor Pro 160C

Some scans from Fujicolor Pro 160C captured 2-3 January 2016 in the Moscow region. Unfortunately, this film is no longer available.

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The snowfall

At 2:00 am yesterday, before going to bed, I’ve looked out the window and… instead of going to bed, have loaded into the camera roll of Ilford HP5+ film, got dressed and went out into the street. December 17, 2015, Moscow, Russia.

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Film Washi “X” 400

Film Washi “X” 400. Very strange film… but cool! I think that should be done metering of the shadows, because the picture is too dark and not very different from the substrate (which should not exist, but in fact it is gray). But if you set the levels in Photoshop, colors will develop. And grain, of course.

All photographs are taken in Paris on 14-15 November 2015.

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Ilford HP5 400 (EI 1600)

Black-and-White film “Ilford HP5 400”, expired as ISO 1600 in November 2015 in Paris. Self-developed in D-76 with +2 push.

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Kodak Gold 200

A few pictures from old French Kodak Gold 199x of years, produced in non-existent in our time factory near Paris. Paris, November 2015.

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(in progress) by Lera Kardash

Dear readers of my blog!

I’m asking you for a little favor. My “SREDA Creative Lab” now helping the photographer Lera Kardash to work on her first book. The project has no name yet, but there is an idea, material, and statement. The topic is quite delicate, and before continuing working on it, the author is interested in the reaction of a wider audience. This will help her to figure out how to introduce the material. Please, see the photos and write what you feel when you look at them.

Here’s what Lera says about her project:

In my country, people with disabilities belong to a vulnerable segment of the society. It is often not talked about, and, sometimes, even meant to be hidden. In some ways, a pattern thinking society hardly perceives those who differs. When a straight pattern faces a multifaceted reality, it breaks down leaving people in bewilderment.

On the one hand, this project is personal and appeals to those who have met me and know me, on the other hand, this project can appeal to anyone who, for whatever reason, is curious to get a first-hand view.

It is an attempt to establish links between me and the society so as to reduce the gap between the awkwardness that people experience when they learn about the leg and the way I really feel in my body. It is going be shown through shape exploration and lightness of perception.

Preparatory set of pictures for this project:

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MISTAKES photobook

You can find me and my first photobook “MISTAKES” at UNSEEN 2015, Amsterdam start from today, 17 september.

“This book tells about mistakes. It says that creative work is impossible without experimenting. It focuses on being open to unexpected outcomes and being able to spot new opportunities there. The book conveys how difficult it is to let yourself make mistakes, and how it gets even more difficult with years. It deals with my own wish to be someone who is still not afraid of making mistakes, i.e. experimenting and creating new things.” /Pavel Kosenko

Self-published, September 2015
A5+, 52 varied pages. 13 b&w photographs, 17 color superpositions
Languages: Russian, English
Total limited edition of only 250 copies, signed and numbered

(c) Photo, text, design — Pavel Kosenko, Moscow, 2015
(c) Curating, page-proofs — SREDA Creative Lab, Moscow, 2015
(c) Translating — Pavel Gafarov, Moscow 2015
(c) Printing, hand-assembly — Nemakulatura, Moscow, 2015
(c) Information support — Treemedia Content Oy, Helsinki, 2015

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