How to See Color? Part 1. Video-course prepared by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko

Today we will talk you through the color and show you how your eyes may be deceiving you. This is the introductory part of the 3-hour long course: “How to See Color” created by the CEO of Dehancer – Pavel Kosenko.

Part 1. What is color?

00:00​ Introduction
00:16​ The concept of sound
01:15​ The definition of color
02:07​ Illusion 1. Blue lines
02:33​ Illusion 2. Black dots.
02:53​ Illusion 3. The Munker White’s.
03:35​ Illusion 4. Brightness of the b&w squares.
04:00​ Illusion 5. What is the color of the rubik’s cube?
04:35​ Illusion 6. How to see color on a b&w image
07:07​ Conclusions
07:45​ Criteria for working with color
08:02​ Afterword

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Dehancer CMY Color Head – analogue correction for digital images

My video tutorial with examples of using. English language.

Color head and printer light are instruments of analogue color correction.
Example of using Dehancer Pro OFX plugin for DaVinci Resolve.

Dehancer is the OFX plugin suite for film-like color grading in DaVinci Resolve. Dozens of real photographic and motion picture films, precisely captured and packed in simple to use plugins with truly analogue controls simulating real film behaviour and effects.

Based on 30-years of film shooting and darkroom experience combined with scientific approach, nonlinear image processing, and… a bit of alchemy, of course.

Dehancer Tools:

* Input Camera Profiles
* Film Profiles
* Expand
* Film Grain
* Halation
* Bloom
* Defringe
* Print Options
* Color Dencity
* Analogue Range Limiter
* CMY Color Head
* Vignette
* LUT Generator
* False Color
* ACES support

Download Dehancer Pro OFX plugins:

Articles about Dehancer plugins in english:

Baskunchak Lake

iPhone Xs + Dehancer / Fujichrome Velvia 50

A few iPhone’s pictures from Baskunchak Lake. Russia, Astrakhan region, Baskunchak Lake. May 2019. All photos are processed with Dehancer application. It’s realistic film simulation works with any photo as a correction filter (preset) applied in one click and can be modified by user.

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New film profiles in Dehancer

Some examples with new film profiles added in Dehancer this month.

If you are going to use Dehancer free alpha-version, please note you need to have Mac starting from middle 2012 and MacOS Mojave. Please note also you’ll can’t to use “hackintosh” devices because Dehancer use Apple’s hardware. Please upgrade you Macs and wait for release. Soon!

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Dehancer soon

For a long time I did not publish news about the Dehancer project. However, the work did not stop all this time. The concept of the project has completely changed in the last 3 years. Now it’s based on the film profiles of the new generation.

We use more than 30 years of filming experience, self-made film 3D Lut-profiles created in our own film laboratory with b/w & color darkroom, nonlinear mathematics of a new type, intellectual image analysis/corrections algorithms and alchemy of course.

Right now we are finishing pre-alpha version of Dehancer Desktop application for MacOS. It will be free to use, at least alpha and beta versions, although most likely the next versions too. We’re going to include in first version 8 or more film profiles. In the near future, their number will be at least 50.

Let me share with you some of examples of using Dehancer profiles.

Follow the news on official Dehancer Telegram channel and official Dehancer Facebook Page and do not miss the alpha version. Soon!