ADOX Color Implosion in Cuba

Film — ADOX Color Implosion 100
Camera — Olympus XA2
Cuba, Jan 2016





4 thoughts on “ADOX Color Implosion in Cuba

  1. Pavel,
    ADOX seems a grain/pointalistic heaven for exceptional photo/painting results – subtle blendings. Very fine pictures. I hope you have a wall for them.
    My best,

  2. I must assume you have your own ‘branded Pavel LUTs’ to apply to these Adox Color’s right? Because the images are way to surreal to come like that out of a regular 5€ lab. Im fascinated by your work, this film really looks vintage . But you are great part of the final result, since the other adox photos Ie seen look okay but not like yours, theirs look more lomography look a like, and yours like paintings with the same desaturated tones and funky grrain. I’m gonna buy a few rolls, do you have a ref link to a photo shop so I can use your link? And please let me know the secrets, I’m looking to archieve dreamy pscychedelic aestetic :)

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