Dehancer soon

For a long time I did not publish news about the Dehancer project. However, the work did not stop all this time. The concept of the project has completely changed in the last 3 years. Now it’s based on the film profiles of the new generation.

We use more than 30 years of filming experience, self-made film 3D Lut-profiles created in our own film laboratory with b/w & color darkroom, nonlinear mathematics of a new type, intellectual image analysis/corrections algorithms and alchemy of course.

Right now we are finishing pre-alpha version of Dehancer Desktop application for MacOS. It will be free to use, at least alpha and beta versions, although most likely the next versions too. We’re going to include in first version 8 or more film profiles. In the near future, their number will be at least 50.

Let me share with you some of examples of using Dehancer profiles.

Follow the news on official Dehancer Telegram channel and official Dehancer Facebook Page and do not miss the alpha version. Soon!


One thought on “Dehancer soon

  1. The first results using the alpha version are excellent! I hope at some point you will include a Kodak Tri-X profile.

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